Our team of specialists can provide innovative pathways to help you to find the right accommodation solution.


Specialist Support Coordination is support coordination that is provided by a professional. This is funded for complex participants who have exceptionally high needs or are in a crisis situation. Often when Specialist Support Coordination is funded, there are matters that are very time-sensitive and where the participant may face additional and high-risk barriers to support.


As our Specialist Support Coordinator, Robert Hannaford understands the positive impact that appropriate housing has on people with a disability. Robert believes that everyone is entitled to accommodation that meets their needs in every way, that allows them to live comfortably and to the fullest.

Robert has the knowledge and experience across both the disability and building sectors to assist people who are eligible to make the most of their SDA funding.

Mr. Hannaford can assist in addressing Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) barriers and can provide specialist advice and solutions to achieve access within the build environment for participants, their families, and carers.